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Senior Citizens are Valuable

Last Updated: 5/30/2019 1:11 PM

Why We Think Involving Senior Citizens is Important

The Pulaski County School System expanded services for senior community members by formally launching the Golden Age Program (GAP). A free pass to Pulaski County School events had been available to seniors in the past but now more services, programs, and educational opportunities geared toward senior community members are available.

Senior citizens are the foundation of the community and are of extreme importance to the total education process of our youth. The GAP program is designed to be mutually beneficial for our schools as well as for seniors who are involved in the program. Seniors can have a great impact by sharing their knowledge and life experiences and by giving teachers the opportunity to bring the past alive. In return, seniors can experience the joy of being involved in the lives of children.

Because public schools educate all children, we help students better understand those with differences and prepare them to participate in our communities. Having seniors involved with our students helps build relationships and understanding between the two groups and helps students and seniors understand the role each other play in our community.